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2024 18th Annual Ute Show Saturday February 17th 2024

Entry $10.00 first class $5.00 for each other class entered


All competitors will pay the gate admission. All vehicles must be registered and all QLD road rules apply while on the grounds.

Judging to commence at 12.00pm. Nominations accepted on the day. Presentations at 3:00pm 


The 2024 Clifton show will be run in conjunction with any covid-19 requirements applicable at the time of the event.

1. Do not enter the Clifton Show if you are feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms similar to covid-10


3.Adhere to physical distancing requirements I.E. remain 1.5m apart from people not from your household.

4. Wear masks if you cannot adhere to the physical distance requirements

5.Sanitise hands frequently

Ute Show Classes

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO sub chamber judging or STATE final

1.Best B & S UTE

2.Best Street Ute

3.Best Chicks Ute

4.Best 4x4

5.Best Work Ute

6.Best Feral

7.Best Classic Ute

Other Classes

8.Best Themed Ute

9.Pre 2000

10.Post 2000

11.Best Local Ute (Local Defined as Clifton; Cambooya;& Leyburn Districts)

Overall Ute of the Show will be awarded based on Judges decision

CASH Prizes, Ribbons for 1st & 2nd

For further information please call Carissa on 0407658936 or email

Bar, BBQ and Camping is


so why not stay

the night and enjoy the

Saturday show program


Right of Entry

1. Competitors are permitted to enter the competition at any number of Shows.

2. Only registered vehicles are eligible to enter the competition.


7. Steward’s directives must be followed.

8. Queensland Road Rules apply to competitors both inside and outside of the venue.

9. Rules applying to the specific Venue/Showgrounds must be observed at all times.

10. Speed must be limited as per Showground signage or as directed.

11. Vehicles are to be parked as directed and not moved unless directed by Stewards / Officials.

12. Intoxicated owners or drivers will be disqualified from the competition.

13. Excessive noise levels will not be permitted. 14. Burnouts or donuts will not be tolerated.

15. Competitors may undergo a breathalyser test. Refusal will mean immediate disqualification.

16. Any Owner/Driver behaving in a manner considered to be inappropriate will be disqualified.

17. Any person not abiding by any of the above Rules will automatically be disqualified. Nominations for Entry

18. Any REGISTERED vehicle that is classified as a UTE (tray back, well back, drop side or converted to a Ute) may be nominated by the owner and/or driver. 19. If converted to a Ute a Certificate of Inspection will be required. 20. The driver of the vehicle must have a current driver’s licence. Nomination Fees

21. Nominations Fees recommended for the event are as follows:- 1) $10.00 nomination fee per vehicle, for entry to one (1) Class – at Show Level; 2) Other Classes may be entered for an additional $5.00 per Class – at Show Level; ) The official Nomination Form is to be completed and the Waiver signed to gain entry to the Event.

22. It is recommended to have two (2) judges but no more than three (3) judges

23. It is recommended to select Judges with automotive experience or knowledge.

24. Vehicles will be judged according to the individual classes’ criteria.

25. Owners or Drivers of vehicles must remain with their vehicle while judging of that particular class is in progress.

26. .

27. A standard Judging Sheet is provided for scoring purposes.

28. The Judges decision is final. Classes 29. The following seven (7) classes have been selected to give the best overall cross-section of entries,.

1) Best Street Ute – All makes and models. Tailored for street driving, with or without custom modifications. Immaculate presentation, precise detail dedicated to entire vehicle. Interior, exterior, under bonnet engine bay and tray presentation. History of Ute, bought or custom.

2) Best B & S Ute – All makes and models. The typical B & S Ball Ute showing evidence of Ball attendance, with Badges, Stickers, Aerials, Mud flaps, Roll bar, Bulbar and Spotlights. Overall interior and exterior presentation. Aerial flags are encouraged for display, but judging will be based on the vehicle itself.

3) Best Chicks Ute – All makes and models MUST be registered solely in females’ name. (Registration papers are to be supplied for viewing). Best interior and exterior with personal touches and accessories and overall Ute presentation. History of Ute, bought or custom. Additional decorations, flowers and stuffed toys are welcome for display, but judging will be based on the vehicle itself

4) Best 4 X 4 Ute – All makes and models. Best representation of a 4X 4 Ute, in constant use or part time 4 wheel drive. Additional four wheel drive accessories added to vehicle and including overall interior and exterior presentation.

5) Best Work Ute – All makes and models. Displaying Toolboxes and Trade accessories, and (where applicable) MUST exhibit clear Business or Trade signage on the vehicle. Overall interior and exterior presentation.

6) Best Feral Ute – All makes and models. The real character Ute. Seen a lot of life, Bulbar, Stickers, Additional accessories, Antennas, reasonably neglected, unkempt and complete with dents. Aerial flags are permitted for display purposes only but will not be considered for judging. Ute MUST be roadworthy

7) Best Classic Ute – Any restored Ute over 30 years of age which is roadworthy and registered with or without modifications to the engine and body but still being able to identify the “true” make and model.

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