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Team Penning Rules

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Rules 30 head of cattle marked with coloured collars (or numbers) in sets of 3. (ie 3 red, 3 blue etc) are at the “mob” end of the arena. Teams (3 riders) attempt to cut out the assigned cattle from the mob and gather them in the “pen” at the opposite end of the arena within a 2 minute time limit.

1. The judge calls the assigned collar colour (or number) as the NOSE of the first horse crosses the start/foul line

2. A run commences timing when the NOSE of the first of the three (3) horses crosses the start/foul line

3. Within a two (2) minute time limit, a team (3 riders) will attempt to cut from the mob and pen three (3) head of cattle with the assigned collar colour (or number). A warning bell is issued with thirty (30) seconds remaining on the run

4. A team may only call for time ONCE

5. To call for time, one (1) rider ONLY must come to a STOP and STAND in the gateway of the pen – with a minimum of the horse’s nose to a maximum of a vertical line at the horse’s chest in the pen gate, and raise his/her hand when all or some of the assigned cattle are penned. The remaining two (2) riders must be on the pen side of the start/foul line, and ALL non-penned cattle must be on the mob side of the start/foul line

6. A team may call for time with only one (1) or two (2) of the assigned cattle penned - however, teams penning three (3) head of cattle will place higher than those penning two (2) head, and two (2) head will place higher than teams penning one (1) head – regardless of the time

7. Time cannot be called until assigned cattle are in the pen and all other cattle are on the mob side of the start/foul line. If time is called before all “spare” (including assigned cattle not being penned) are on the pen side of the start/foul line a “no-time” will be recorded

8. No time will be awarded if incorrect assigned cattle are in the pen when time is called

9. Any more than five (5) head of cattle at any one time on the pen side of the start/foul line will incur a “no-time” being recorded for that run. A line person will be in place to monitor the start/foul line for too many across the line

10. NO person or horse is permitted to enter the pen at any time. All removal of cattle from the pen is to be done from outside the pen. This is a WHS ruling

11. A team must stop working cattle immediately when called a “no-time” by the judge or at the 2 minute bell.

12. Any team exhibiting unnecessary rough handling or rushing into or at the mob at excessive speed, may result in disqualification at the judges decision

13. Once the three (3) riders have entered the arena and the run has commenced – where a horse is deemed out of control by the judges decision – any rider that dismounts, horse falls, rider is thrown or falls - will result in that run being terminated without a time be recorded

14. No whips may be bought into the arena. No hitting of cattle with any object is allowed. Hazing cattle with hats, reins or rope will be cause for termination of that run. Slapping of hand or rein to own leg is permitted

15. At the judges discretion, a team may be awarded a re-run if one (1) or more head of cattle is deemed unsuitable (healthwise) or escapes the arena

16. Competitors will only be called three (3) times to be present for their run. If that team does not present at the “ingate marshall area” by the third (3rd) call, that run may be made void at the judges decision

17. Cattle may not be shouldered or pushed by either horse or rider during the run. Abuse of cattle or horses will be the cause for immediate disqualification of the run without refund of entry fee

18. When the 3 whole beasts, of your given colour, are across the centre foul line, your team are committed to those cattle. The Judge will say “Committed”. If one or more of those beasts (whole beast) go over the centre foul line it cannot be reclaimed. That lost beast then becomes part of the existing mob, known as a “lost beast”

Rules should be read in conjunction with Team Penning Australia Inc documents: Animal Welfare Policy Statement; WHS Rules and Code of Conduct. Team Penning Australia Inc. endorses the Australian Horse Welfare Protocol refer to

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