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Entry Form ~ Livestock

Clifton Show Society Livestock Entry Form 

Clifton Show Society Livestock Entry Form PDF 

Stud Cattle Waiver & Indemnity Form

Entry Form ~ Other

Membership Application Form

Space Application Form

Space Application Form        PLEASE NOTE DATES FOR 2024 ARE 1617,18TH.FEB. CHARGES ARE THE SAME ​​​

Space Application forms can be completed and mailed to PO Box 35 Clifton QLD 4361 or fax to 46973102 or email to 


JOIN THE ASSOCIATION Membership Fee $25.00


ACCEPTANCE OF ENTRIES The attention of intending exhibitors is drawn to the fact that entries are accepted subject to the Rules of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies and to the constitution and Rules of the Society in addition to any Special Regulations which appear within this Schedule.


SOCIETY?S RESPONSIBILITIES (a) The Society will not be responsible for any accidents that may be caused through or by any exhibit, and shall be a condition of entry that each exhibit shall hold the Society harmless and indemnified against any legal proceedings arising from any such accident. (b) The Society will not, under any circumstances, hold itself responsible for any loss, damage, to, or any misdelivery of any exhibit. (c) The Society will not, in any circumstances, hold itself responsible for any accident on the grounds or premises. (d) The Entry Form will be taken as a guarantee that the Exhibit specified therein are free from all disease as is known to the owner. In the case of infectious disease spread through or by any exhibit, the exhibitor shall be held responsible. (e) Precautions will be taken to guard against fire, and to protect the property of the Exhibitor, but Exhibits will not be insured at the cost of the Society. (f) No responsibility accepted regarding Security ? Security is available at extra cost to the Exhibitor.


MEMBERSHIP Membership Ticket: $25.00 per annum (with full rights of Membership). PRIVILEGES OF MEMBERSHIP Admission on all days of the Society?s Shows to the grounds and including any night session. YOU ARE SERVING YOUR SOCIETY, TOWN AND COUNTRY BY YOUR MEMBERSHIP Apart from personal gain, your Membership means a moral as well as financial support to the Society that is making an honest effort to foster every Phase of Primary and Secondary Industries in this Town and District, also the encouragement of healthy recreation and sporting pleasure.


NO REFUNDS OF ENTRY FEES unless authorised in writing by Chief Steward of Section concerned.


ALL EXHIBITS must be delivered to and from the Grounds at the risk of the Exhibitor.

The Clifton Show Society Inc. recommends that all Intending Exhibitors of Livestock are holders of Public Liability Insurance cover. This cover indemnifies the owner for their legal liability for body injury or damage to persons and/or property as a result of an occurrence caused by the negligence of their animals whilst attending or participating in show events.


All exhibitors and Stall Holders are reminded that they must have all Electrical Cables Tested and Tagged with a current tag and suitable Protection Equipment on all Equipment to be used on the grounds, as approved under the Australian Standards Association.


GENERAL CONDITIONS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE QUEENSLAND CHAMBER OF AGRICULTURE SOCIETIES. 1. Membership Fee  $25.00 2. The entrance fee for all exhibits shall be as per the Schedule. 3. All entries must be made in writing ? printed forms in Schedule. 4. All entries must be made and lodged with the Secretary as stated. 5. The Stewards shall receive for exhibition only and not for competition, exhibits not specified in the Schedule. 6. All Exhibits shall reach the Pavilion prior to 12 noon on Friday, February 16, 2024 7. Exhibits may be consigned to the Secretary, but the Secretary accepts no responsibility. For further particulars apply to the Secretary. 8. Locally made or grown to be constructed to mean: Exhibits from the Clifton, Cambooya and Leyburn District. 9. All exhibits in the Art Section must be the work of the exhibitor. 10. No single exhibit in the Horticulture Section to appear in two or more classes. 11. Exhibits may be removed on the SUNDAY 2pm - 3pm. 12. No Auctioneer will be allowed to sell on the Society?s Grounds, unless he is a Licensed Auctioneer. 13. Auctioneers shall pay to the Society a Commission of not less than 21/2% on all sales affected on the showgrounds, whether by auction or private contract. 14. All protests must be in writing and must be lodged with the Secretary within 1/2 hour of the event. 15. A sum of $50 shall be lodged with the Secretary by any person entering a protest in connection with the show, and the onus of providing the protest shall rest with the person lodging same. If, in the opinion of the Management Committee, the protest is considered frivolous, the deposit shall be forfeited to the Society. 16. Any person, whether an exhibitor or otherwise who makes use of foul or abusive language on the grounds will incur the penalty of expulsion, or be dealt with as the Stewards may determine. 17. Stallholders, Industrial or Trade Exhibitors, will be allowed TWO Attendants Tickets for each stall. 18. The Judges decision is final, subject to the decision of an appeal if any. (a) The Judge may make no awards if he/she feels a prize is not warranted. 19. The foregoing Rules and Regulations and the Notes as set forth in the Prize Schedule are to be the conditions of competition. Any matter arising not specifically provided for in the foregoing shall be determined by the management Committee, whose decision will be final. 20. Stewards are empowered to act as they think fit in all cases of cruelty to exhibits. 21. No exhibitor will be allowed to display at the current show, ribbons, placards or award cards won at any other show. 22. No entry will be received from any person disqualified by the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies during the period of such disqualification. Should any such entry be accidentally accepted it shall whenever discovered be deemed void, and the entry fee will be forfeited.

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