Clifton Show Society

  Ran by the community                

             for the community        

Our Gratitude goes to all of our Sponsors and Volunteers

Please support those that support us wherever possible

Our Sincere Apologies if any one is missed/any incorrect details - All Contributions are greatly appreciated.

Major Entertainment Sponsors

Clifton Auto Ag

OD & AM Saville

Pat Weir - MP


Dalrymple Landscape Supplies

Miss Showgirl

Clifton Show Society

Australian Show Ribbons

OD & AM Saville

Mrs Fay Wiedman

Cottage Drapery

Bec Keleher – Park Lane Jewellery

Show Jumping

Jack Moar Family - Janette, Jenny, Desley, Phillip & Chris Moar and families

Amalgamated Pest Control

Horse Section

Australian Saddle Pony Association

ANSA Association


Jenco Feeds & Seeds

Costalota Show Horses

Clifton Auto Electrical & Mechanical

David Evans Group

Pat Weir - MP for Condamine

Tamamoore Stud Oakey

Rocking Horse Paint & Performance

LND Show & Performance Horses

Wilga Park Morgans

The Massey Family

Lorrie McNeil

Australian Stock Horse Society

Julie Collis

Tyla & Jan Smith

Ute Show

Ryanie for Tyres

Trimingham Transport

M&C Legge

Prime Cattle

Bendigo Bank

Joppich Stockfeeds

Gillam Family Memorial of Ian & Joan Gillam - Brian & Desley Gillam

Trev & Kelly Weier

Ray Bunch Machinery

Logan Family - In memeory of Jim Logan

Led Steer or Heifer

Gillies Meats

Benjarra Pastoral Co

George & Fuhrmann

PBA Feeds

Heifer Show


IOR Petroleum

Britze Electrical

Pittsworth Livestock

Gordon Bourke Homes

Allora Heavy Haulage Mechanical

Allora&District Tyres

Stricks Pump Repairs


Pacific Seeds


Cambooya Store

Felton Produce

Nab Agribusiness

Vanderfield Pty.Ltd

Elders Insurance

Elders Merchandise

Warwick Auto Sales

Elders Real Estate

Clifton Real Estate

National Farmers Warehouse

Danny Stenzel

Steel Rudd Murray Grey Stud

Bhb Electrical

Honda Bikes

C&C Refrigeration


Pioneer Seeds

Riverina Warwick

New Seeds

Steel Rudds Service Station

J&R Mccarthy

S&L Prendergast


Stud Cattle

Remolea Stud

Mt Manning


Darling Downs Insurance Brokers

Glenview Stud

Big S Group

Clifton News

Pat Weir MP

Junior Parader

D&D Schwerin

Young Judges Stud Cattle

C&S Smith

Prime Sheep

Josh Milton - Milton Park Suffolk Stud

Bruce Passmore

Farm Produce

KB&KT Muller

Pacific Seeds

Ryanie for Tyres

Brad Weier


Joppich Stockfeeds


Clifton Garage


Hirstglen Nursery

Fine Art

Heritage Bank

Junior Fine Art

The Clifton Courier

Mrs Sue Rickert


The Clifton Courier

Alan O'Brian

Ian & Rosemary Hinrichsen

Enterprise Ice Creams

Junior Handicraft & Hobby

Clifton Dabblers

A Saville

Adult Needlework

B Trimingham

A Saville


Robert Drinan

Mrs V.C. O'Leary

Family of the late Mrs Esme Glasheen

Mrs Olive Shooter

Junior Culinary

Marie Ruhle

Boiled Fruit Cake Challenge

Ergon Energy


Hirstglen Nursery

A.R. Bell

Secondary School

Clifton CWA

Pet Parade

B&M Hamilton

Battle of the Brains

NAB Clifton

Vouchers over a number of Sections



Clifton Show Society Inc extends gratitude to Queensland Government for funding under the SHOW SOCIETIES GRANTS PROGRAM administered by Department of Local Government and Planning

Clifton Show Society Inc extends gratitude to Queensland Government for funding under the SHOW SOCIETIES GRANTS PROGRAM administered by Department of Local Government and Planning

Our Thanks for those volunteers who Steward to make the events possible


Ground Stewards: T. Fowke

Horse Steward Saturday:  N. Creighton

Horse Steward Sunday: Mr N. May

Jumping Stewards: T. O’Leary, Graham and Des Stark

Dog Steward: Mr B. Hamilton

Chief Stud Cattle Steward: J. McCarthy

Stud Beef Cattle Stewards: L Prendergast, H&D O’Leary

Prime Cattle Chief Steward: Mr Brian Gillam

Prime Cattle Steward: Mr J. Bishop

  Sheep Stewards: Mr B. Passmore; Mr B. O’Donohoe

  Stud Sheep Stewards: Mr J. Milton

  Chief Sheep Dog Trial Steward: Mr M. O’Leary

  Sheep Dog Trial Stewards: Mrs J. Thornton and Mr B. Bange

  Chief Pavilion Steward: Mr Ashley Gillam

  Pavilion Stewards: Mr Glen Joppich; Mr Kevin Meara;

Mrs L. Ruhle; Mrs O. Shooter; Mrs R. Shooter;

Mrs S. Rickert; Mrs A. Larkin;

Mrs B. Trimingham; Mrs M. Hinz

Mr J. Pauli; Mrs A. Breeze; Mrs P. Ruhle;

Miss I. Telford; Mrs H. Gillam; Mr D. Joppich;

Mrs G. Logan; Mrs R Telford

MR T Thornton; Mrs M Hamilton; Mrs L Proud; Mrs J Meara; Mrs M Skaines; Mrs M Logan; D Taylor; Mrs V Telford; Mrs P Ruhle; Mrs C O'Leary; Mrs B Iverson; Mrs R McInnes; Mr I Iverson; Mr P Grzesiak

  Educational Display Stewards: High School and Primary School Staff Safety Attendant:

  Bar Attendants: Show Society Members

  Canteen Attendants: Show Society Members, Members of the community

  Gatekeepers: Clifton Lions Club Members