Clifton Show Society

  Ran by the community                

             for the community        

Our Gratitude goes to all of our Sponsors and Volunteers

Please support those that support us wherever possible

Our Sincere Apologies if any one is missed/any incorrect details - All Contributions are greatly appreciated.

Clifton Show Society Inc extends gratitude to Queensland Government for funding under the SHOW SOCIETIES GRANTS PROGRAM administered by Department of Local Government and Planning

Our Thanks for those volunteers who Steward to make the events possible


Ground Stewards: T. Fowke

Horse Steward Saturday:  N. Creighton

Horse Steward Sunday: Mr N. May

Jumping Stewards: T. O’Leary, Graham and Des Stark

Dog Steward: Mr B. Hamilton

Chief Stud Cattle Steward: J. McCarthy

Stud Beef Cattle Stewards: L Prendergast, H&D O’Leary

Prime Cattle Chief Steward: Mr Brian Gillam

Prime Cattle Steward: Mr J. Bishop

  Sheep Stewards: Mr B. Passmore; Mr B. O’Donohoe

  Stud Sheep Stewards: Mr J. Milton

  Chief Sheep Dog Trial Steward: Mr M. O’Leary

  Sheep Dog Trial Stewards: Mrs J. Thornton and Mr B. Bange

  Chief Pavilion Steward: Mr Ashley Gillam

  Pavilion Stewards: Mr Glen Joppich; Mr Kevin Meara;

Mrs L. Ruhle; Mrs O. Shooter; Mrs R. Shooter;

Mrs S. Rickert; Mrs A. Larkin;

Mrs B. Trimingham; Mrs M. Hinz

Mr J. Pauli; Mrs A. Breeze; Mrs P. Ruhle;

Miss I. Telford; Mrs H. Gillam; Mr D. Joppich;

Mrs G. Logan; Mrs R Telford

MR T Thornton; Mrs M Hamilton; Mrs L Proud; Mrs J Meara; Mrs M Skaines; Mrs M Logan; D Taylor; Mrs V Telford; Mrs P Ruhle; Mrs C O'Leary; Mrs B Iverson; Mrs R McInnes; Mr I Iverson; Mr P Grzesiak

  Educational Display Stewards: High School and Primary School Staff Safety Attendant:

  Bar Attendants: Show Society Members

  Canteen Attendants: Show Society Members, Members of the community

  Gatekeepers: Clifton Lions Club Members