Clifton Show Society

  Ran by the community                

             for the community        

Sheep & Goat Sections


Sheep Section ~ Friday 15.02.2019

Entry Fee is $2.00/entry

All lambs must be on the grounds by 9AM to be weighed prior to judging. Auction Sale will follow the Fat Cattle Sale Friday.

Judging starts 10.00 am  - (all classes to be judged on trade suitability) ~

Prize money and Ribbons for each class

classes will be for SHORN(no more than 10ml) and UNSHORN

Classes include:

1. Pen of 3 lambs shorn- under 44kg liveweight

1a. Pen 3 lambs unshorn - under 44kg. liveweight

2. Pen of 3 lambs shorn-  44kg and over liveweight

2a. Pen of 3 lambs unshorn - 44kg. and over liveweight

3. Single lamb shorn - under 44kg liveweight

3a.Single lamb unshorn - under 44kg. liveweight

4. Single lamb shorn - 44kg. and over liveweight

4a. Single lamb unshorn  - 44kg and over liveweight                                                                                                                                          

5. Pen of 3 hoggets - any weight

6. Pen 3 X-bred wethers

7. Pen of 3 Merino wethers

8. X-bred ewe with sucker at foot.

Champion lamb from all classes ~

Champion lamb receives $100 Donated by Milton Park Suffolk Stud

Reserve Champion lamb $50.00 donated by Bruce Passmore

Points Prize - Trophy

Stud Sheep ~ Saturday 16.02.2019

Entry Fee $2.00/entry

*NLIS Tags Required*

Judging to commence at 9.30AM ~ Prize money and Ribbons for each class and Breed

Entries Close February 13th 2019

Classes Include:

1. Ram lamb Milk tooth

2. Ram 2 tooth

3. Ram 4 tooth and over

4. Ewe lamb Milk tooth

5. Ewe 2 tooth

6. Ewe 4 tooth and over

7. Breeders Group - 1 ram and 2 ewes (Bred by the exhibitor)

*** Champion and reserve champion Ram & Ewe ** Supreme Champion Ram & Ewe of the Show *** 

Young Judges will be held in the Stud Sheep

Brucellosis certificate is required and any sheep entered with artifical colouring or glues will be disqualified.

Angora Goats Section ~ Saturday 16.02.2019

Entry Fee $ 1.50                                                     JUDGING WILL COMMENCE AT 9AM.

Prize Money - 1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2

Entry Fees must be sent with entries - Entries Close week of Show - Please post to Clifton Show - Angora Section PO Box 35 Clifton 4361

Classes Include;

1. School - Doe Under 12 Months

2. Doe - Under 12 Months

3. School Doe -  1 year and over

4. Doe - 1 year and under 2 years

5. Doe - 2 years and under 3 years

6. Doe - 3 Years and over

7. Doe & Progeny - Progeny to be over 12 months old

Champion & Reserve Champion School Angora Doe; Champion & Reserve Champion Angora Doe

8. School - Buck under 12 Months

9.  Buck - Under 12 Months

10. School - Buck 1 year & Over

11. Buck - 1 year and under 2 years

12. Buck - 2 years and over

Champion & Reserve Champion School Angora Buck; Champion & Reserve Champion Angora Buck

13. Breeders Group - (Group must comprise of 3 animals, the progeny of two or more sires, both sexes to be represented and all must be bred by the exhibitor and entered in the stud classes. Names od sires to be specified at time of entry)

14. Sire Progeny Group - (3 head - Minimum of 1 male - sire must be owned or leased by the exhibitor at the time of mating. Both sires must be represented and all must be bred by the exhibitor and entered in the stud classes.

School Supreme Champion Angora

Supreme Champion Angora

Most Successful Exhibitor in Stud Section

A Junior Judging class will be conducted and application to enter will be accepted at the time of judging.


Thanks to the generous sponsors of each section and to the dedicated stewards of each section.